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What to do if an offense occurs.

A student who is a victim of a sex offense is strongly encouraged to do the following:

Tell someone

Talk to a friend, relative, faculty member, resident assistant, or anyone who cares. Do not keep it to yourself. Residence hall staff and university counselors are available to provide support, refer you to appropriate persons or agencies, and inform you of your options. You are encouraged to immediately report the offense to the university police (or local city police if the offense occurs off campus) to gather and preserve evidence, in case you wish to pursue criminal or civil charges. If you wait to report an offense, evidence will be lost. The decision to file charges is up to you. Please be aware that information reported to any police official is public information, and is available to local media upon completion of any investigation. It is, however, the general practice of journalists not to release names of victims of sex offenses.

Preserve evidence

Do not shower, wash, change clothes, douche, urinate, brush teeth, or place anything in your mouth. Do not disturb items in the area where the offense occurred. Keep people away from the scene so evidence is not disturbed.

Seek medical attention

It is recommended that you go directly to the Conway Regional Medical Center for a health exam and to gather evidence. The exam is free if you report the offense to law enforcement officials within 24 hours. Take along extra clothing, tooth paste and tooth brush to clean up after the exam.

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What to do if an offense occurs
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This information is made available in compliance with Public Law 101-542, the Student Right-to-Know and Campus Security Act.  Copies of this information are available.  Consult the UCA Student Handbook or contact the UCA Police Department for more information.