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Discipline for Offenders

Students committing sex offenses, whether on or off campus, are subject to university disciplinary action as well as criminal action. The accused student and victim shall be notified in writing of a hearing. The hearing may be conducted by a student judicial board, or an administrative hearing officer, as determined by the university.

Disciplinary sanctions are commensurate with severity of the offense. Sanctions range from disciplinary warning to expulsion (permanent removal) from the university. Other possible sanctions include (but are not limited to) probation, removal from residence halls, suspension, loss of privileges, denial of participation in activities, counseling, and/or education projects. Individuals should consult the “Standards of Student Conduct” of the UCA Student Handbook for more specific information on disciplinary sanctions and procedures. Faculty and staff members committing sex offenses are subject to appropriate disciplinary measures, up to and including termination.

Sex Offense Information
What to do if an offense occurs
Counseling & Other Services
Discipline for Offenders
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This information is made available in compliance with Public Law 101-542, the Student Right-to-Know and Campus Security Act.  Copies of this information are available.  Consult the UCA Student Handbook or contact the UCA Police Department for more information.