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Sex Offense Information


SEXUAL ASSAULT – is a generic term that is defined as any involuntary sexual act in which a person is threatened, coerced, or forced to engage against his/her will to include (but not limited to rape, acquaintance rape, date rape, and gang rape).

ARKANSAS LEGAL DEFINITION OF RAPE – A person commits rape if he/she engages in sexual intercourse or deviant sexual activity with another person: (a) by forcible compulsion; (b) who is incapable of consent because he/she is physically helpless; or, (c) who is less than fourteen years old (the assailant must be two years older than the victim for this to apply).

ACQUAINTANCE RAPE – refers to a rape committed by a non-stranger who is known to the victim, and can include a friend, acquaintance, family member, neighbor, classmate, or co-worker.

DATE RAPE – refers to a type of acquaintance rape where the victim has consented to accompany or go on a date with the perpetrator.

GANG RAPE – is a rape that involves more than one perpetrator.

The Arkansas statute on rape is gender-less, which means that both men and women can be rape victims and perpetrators. Sexual assault can occur whenever consent is not freely given by the victim; whenever the victim fears that he/she will be injured if he/she does not submit; whenever the victim is incapable of giving consent or resisting due to alcohol or drugs; and whenever the perpetrator uses physical force, threat, coercion, or intimidation to overpower the victim.

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