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The UCAPD is located on campus at the intersection of Marian Ross Avenue and W. J. Sowder Street, between State and Hughes Hall. Persons needing EMERGENCY assistance at any time should call the University Police CommCenter by dialing 911 from campus office telephones or 911 from residence hall telephones, or 911 from telephones at campus-owned houses or fraternity houses. General assistance can be obtained by calling 450-3111. Assistance can also be summoned by pushing the call button on any blue light emergency telephone or elevator emergency telephone located throughout the campus. The Dispatcher instantly knows the location of the caller and will ask what type of assistance is needed.

The University Police Department’s lobby is open 24-hours a day. The on-duty Dispatcher is available to assist at the lobby window. A local access telephone and a library of free crime prevention, safety and health brochures are also available in the lobby. The web address for the UCAPD is www.ucapd.com. Contact information for each member of the UCAPD is located on the website.

UCAPD will respond as quickly as possible to any request for assistance, whether it is an emergency or not. Response time is based on current activity and the severity of the call. Crimes in progress, traffic accidents and medical assists have a higher priority than other types of calls.

It cannot be stated enough how important it is to promptly and accurately report crime, no matter where it occurs. If a crime is not promptly reported, evidence can be lost and/or a suspect could get away. If a crime is not accurately reported, leads could be missed and an investigation could head the wrong direction. If you see a crime or emergency, promptly report it to UCAPD and answer questions as accurately as you can. The investigation can only be as good as the information received. If you see or receive knowledge of criminal activity or other emergencies, or if you are the victim of such, please contact UCAPD or any campus official.

*If you wish to make an anonymous report, you may do so. Please click here to see our crime tips information page.