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Criminal Statistics

Pursuant to federal legislation known as the Clery Act, the University of Central Arkansas must annually distribute statistics on certain crimes occurring on the campus which includes homicide, rape, sexual offenses, robbery, aggravated assault, burglary and motor vehicle theft, as well as data on the number of arrests for liquor law violations, drug abuse violations, and weapons possession. The University of Central Arkansas Police Department also maintains primary jurisdiction over all off-campus fraternity houses.

Criminal activities, if any, at off-campus student organizations (those recognized by the campus) are required to be monitored and reported from information collected from local police agencies. This is required under Public Law 101-542, Student Right to Know and Campus Security Act, as amended by Public Law 102.26, the Higher Education Technical Amendments.

Our current published Clery criminal statistics are available in our Clery Annual Security & Fire Safety Report on page 12.