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The UCA Police Department has developed a comprehensive victim assistance program designed to provide information, advocacy, and support to the victims of crimes on campus. This coordinated effort focuses upon providing crime victims with information concerning their rights and options. The program serves to give victims of crimes an increased feeling of “police presence” in the community and a personal sense that the UCA Police Department cares as much about the situation of the victim as it does the apprehension of the suspect.

The UCA Police Department makes multiple efforts aimed in prevention of crime. Regardless of the efforts some members of the campus community will inevitably become the victims of crimes. Victims deserve support and fair treatment. The first responding officer to the scene is the initial source of protection for the victim. The manner in which the officer treats a victim at the time of the crime and afterwards affects not only the victim’s immediate and long term ability to cope with the crime, but their willingness to assist in prosecution as well. The objective of the UCA Victim Assistance Program includes, but is not limited to, the following:

  • The goals of the UCA Police Department Victim Assistance Program are to address the informational, emotional, and social needs of crime victims though the promotion of sensitive treatment, speeding recovery in cases of compensating financial losses; reduction of physical and emotional suffering of innocent crime victims; and promotion of understanding the criminal justice system by all parties.
  • The Victim Assistance Program will utilize police officers as the initial primary providers of information and assistance to crime victims. Officers will have adequate and current training on how to be sensitive to victims’ needs and knowledgeable about the Victim Assistance Program. Initial responding officers will have access to prepared packets of brochures and materials to explain to and share with crime victims.


VINElink, is an online replication of the VINE (Victim service information, National and local searches, Local community resources, E-mail notification) service. The VINElink site has two missions. First, it provides easy, online access to information about an offender’s custody status. Second, it provides information in the forms of articles and tips to help victims of crime, their friends and families, as well as victim advocate and law enforcement professionals. Part of the VINElink information resource is CAMPUSlink, which features articles and resources providing strategies specific to campus safety, including safety tips and specialized victim services.

For further information about VINElink, visit www.vinelink.com.