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UCA Board of Trustees Policy #423

Roller skates, rollerblades, scooters, skateboards and other coasting devices are not vehicles, and are prohibited on roadways dedicated solely to vehicular traffic and in parking lots. Coasting devices are approved for use as transportation on university property, but cannot be used in any manner that places pedestrians at risk; their use for acrobatic, racing or other stunts is strictly prohibited. Persons may coast or ride upon any sidewalk or improved surface used for pedestrian purposes, provided they yield the right-of-way to pedestrians on foot, and they must be walked in crosswalks, which are often filled with pedestrians.

The use of coasting devices is prohibited within any building on the UCA campus or on any surface features (e.g., handicapped ramps, benches, or other architectural features) that might reasonably be expected to incur damage because of such use. Persons using roller skates or rollerblades must remove them before entering all university buildings.

These regulations are effective immediately and will be enforced by the UCA Police Department. Students or employees violating these regulations are subject to citation and/or disciplinary action by the appropriate university office or official. Any other person violating these prohibitions may be cited for criminal trespass as well as other appropriate criminal citation.

NOTE:  Riding roller skates, rollerblades, or skateboards on campus grounds is good exercise and provides transportation to the rider. However, it also carries with it responsibility and liability. Accidental collisions may seriously injure pedestrians or other skaters. A person riding roller skates or skateboards who strikes anyone is liable for all medical expenses of that victim and any damage done to the victim’s property.