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The University Key and Lock Control Policy is maintained by the UCA Physical Plant and is the POLICY of the University of Central Arkansas. The policy document can be found on the Physical Plant webiste at http://pplant.uca.edu.

Facilities Access

University Police Officers lock each building during the evening hours. However, the university also recognizes the frequent need of the use of facilities outside of class times for research or extracurricular activities. Procedures have therefore been established for the use of university facilities outside of posted class times.

Key Checkout

Faculty members who require students to participate in out-of-class assignments where building or room access would be required may submit a key to the University Police Department for their students to check out. Faculty issuing keys for checkout must also send a class roster or a memo on departmental letterhead listing the names and ID numbers of students authorized to check out the keys. Faculty members are ultimately responsible for the keys available for checkout.

Students wishing to check out a key for a building or a room may do so at any time of the day or night, provided that they bring their student ID card to the University Police Department, and as long as they have received authorization from the faculty member to do so. Authorization for key checkout is by memorandum only, and any student who is not on the class roster or memorandum sent by the faculty member will not be allowed to check out a key. Students will leave their UCA ID card while using the key. ID cards will be returned upon return of the key.

For security reasons, outdated class rosters and memorandums will not be sufficient authorization for a key to be checked out.

Building Schedules

The UCAPD is provided a listing of scheduled building times from the UCA Calendar Office. This run is comprised of building times either scheduled by the chair of the department utilizing the building, or by student organizations or other organizations to use an area of a building. All functions (classes, receptions, dances, step shows, rehearsals, etc.) are scheduled through the Calendar Office and not by the University Police Department. No unauthorized individuals will be let into a building or a room in a building outside of the scheduled building hours unless deemed an emergency.