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Policy Statement

The following policy and safety guidelines apply to golf carts or other unlicensed vehicles that are driven on University of Central Arkansas (UCA) property.

Golf carts are traditionally used to traverse campus common areas quickly and quietly.  It is a common practice for them to be used not only for the transportation of persons but for utility purposes as well.  They are of significant value to the University for efficient and economic transportation.  Recognizing that a golf cart is a moving vehicle, UCA has established procedures for the safe operation of these vehicles.

Individuals utilizing golf carts on UCA property are expected to operate them in a safe and courteous manner.  Golf cart operators found in violation of these safety procedures and/or misusing golf cart equipment may be subject to disciplinary action, including being prohibited from operating a golf cart on UCA property.  The UCA Police Department will enforce this policy.

Procedures for Safe Operation of Golf Carts

The following are basic rules of operating and maintaining golf carts used for work transportation on the campus of the University of Central Arkansas.

  1. Golf carts should be operated on campus roadways.  Sidewalks should be used only where roadways and/or parking lots are not available, and then only to the nearest adjacent street or parking lot.
  2. On campus sidewalks of the University of Central Arkansas, the pedestrian always has the right-of-way.  Operators of golf carts will permit this right-of-way.  If the golf cart is being operated on a sidewalk, the operator will pull off of the sidewalk to pass the pedestrians or stop the unit when approaching pedestrians until they pass.
  3. Most of the golf carts used on this campus are designed to carry a driver and one passenger.  Some “tram” type carts carry multiple passengers.  No golf cart is to be operated with more passengers than seating is provided.
  4. All occupants in the golf cart shall keep hands, arms, legs and feet within the confines of the golf cart at all times when the cart is in motion.
  5. Never back up without making sure there is no person or obstruction behind the cart.
  6. Never shift gears while the vehicle is in motion.
  7. A golf cart should be operated on campus at a speed equivalent to a well-paced walk and no faster than 15 miles per hour.  This maximum speed may be subject to the terrain over which it is being driven, the weather conditions, and the total weight of the golf cart and passengers and any equipment being carried.
  8. Golf cart operators shall possess a valid driver’s license and observe all Arkansas vehicle traffic laws such as lane travel, stop sign, legal passing of other vehicles, etc.
  9. Avoid operating a golf cart on landscaped lawns.
  10. Reduce speed to compensate for inclines, pedestrians, and weather conditions.
  11. Maintain adequate distance between vehicles and pedestrians.
  12. Approach sharp or blind corners with caution and reduce speed.
  13. Use extreme care at building entrances and upon entering/exiting enclosed areas.
  14. Do not park on any areas that have pavers.
  15. Use parking areas posted for golf carts, areas on sidewalks that are not in the main stream or a service vehicle parking space.
  16. Never leave the keys in the golf cart when unattended.
  17. When the golf cart is not in use the operator must place the golf cart control lever in the park or neutral position, remove and secure the key and set the parking pedal brake.
  18. When the golf cart is not in use, such as overnight, the unit will be secured at either the UCA Physical Plant compound or with a chain and lock or other equivalent locking mechanism.  The steering wheel must be chained to a fixed post on the cart to prevent the wheel from turning.
  19. Golf carts will not be driven on city streets that surround the university, but they may cross those streets to gain access to university buildings, parking lots, other properties.

Equipment and Safety Checklist

  • Check for proper tire condition and inflation.
  • Check brakes for proper operation.
  • Check for any indication of battery fluid leaks such as web spots under the unit.

If the golf cart is in need of repair or maintenance, it should not be driven.  Authorized Physical Plant personnel will work on the identified problem at the site where the cart is located or the unit will be towed to the Physical Plant Motor Pool shop for those repairs.

Battery Recharge

 When recharging the batteries, the following safety rules shall be observed:

  • Do not smoke near the recharge unit.
  • Only an approved battery charger will be used to recharge the batteries (designed to shut off automatically when the batteries are fully charged).
  • Do not recharge near an open flame or source of ignition.
  • Pour baking soda on all spilled battery acid before cleaning up the spill.
  • You should wash skin thoroughly with cold water if it comes in contact with battery acid.
  • Disconnect all battery charger cords before using the golf cart.


Questions or concerns regarding golf cart safety compliance should be directed to:
UCA Police Department
Telephone:  501-450-3111
Fax:  501-450-5729