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January is National Stalking Awareness Month.  As such, the UCA Police Department is joining with the National Center for Victims of Crime and the Stalking Resource Center to promote stalking awareness.   In the United States, approximately 7.5 million people are stalked each year and persons between the ages of 18-24 experience the highest rate of stalking.  In Arkansas, stalking is defined as “…knowingly engaging in a course of conduct that would place a reasonable person in the victim’s position under emotional distress and in fear for his or her safety or a third person’s safety…”  Stalking is a crime and punishable in all 50 states.  Please visit the following websites for more information regarding stalking:

The Stalking Resource Center

The National Center for Victims of Crime

We encourage anyone who thinks that they are a victim of stalking to come by the UCA Police Department to file a report.  If you feel you are in immediate danger, please dial 911.

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