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To create a page you can either click on “Pages” on the left hand menu, and then click “Add New” on either selection.

Pages1                                                               Pages3



Or you can hover your mouse over “Pages” on the left hand menu and select “Add New” from the drop down selection.



After creating your page, you must choose a category to save your page under. You will be able to find your page via category. This way you will have your pages organized and easily accessible. To choose a category, find the “Categories” box on the right hand side of your screen. It will look like the picture below. The Red selected shows the correct box you should be looking at and the Purple selected shows the different categories you are able to save your page under. Once a category is chosen, proceed to publish your page.


To publish your page you must locate the “Publish” box on the right hand side of your screen above the Categories box. You have multiple options to choose from within this box. As shown in the picture below:

The Green selected will allow you to save a draft so you may leave and come back to finish the page later. No progress will be lost.

The Orange selected will allow you to view your page after it will be published but it is not published just yet.

The Purple selected will delete your current progress and you will not be able to retrieve it.

The Red selected will publish your current work. After clicking on “Publish”, allow the page to load fully or else your work could be lost.



Once published, you will be able to modify or edit any changes you want to make to your page by clicking on Pages and clicking on All Pages.