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After creating a post, your post will display on the home screen of the ucapd.net website.

To enter a new post, you must first sign in to ucapd.net/wp-admin. From the Dashboard page you are able to do one of two things to create a new post:

1. Click on “Posts” in the left column menu. Then click on “Add New” from either selection. (see pictures below)

Posts1                                                               Posts5


2. Or hover over “Posts” in the left column and click on “Add New” to create a new post. (see pictures below)




When finished typing your post, you will need to choose a category to save your post under. You will be able to search for posts via category. This way you have easy access to it when trying to refer back to your post. To choose a category you must choose one of the boxes on the right side of your screen in the box labeled “Categories” (as shown below).



Now to publish the post you must locate a box on on the right side of your screen that is labeled “Publish”. Once located, you have a couple options:

The Green selected allows you to save your post as a draft so you may come back to it later on without losing your progress.

The Orange selected allows you to preview your post on the webpage without having to publish it yet. It shows what it looks like after it was to be published.

The Purple selected will dispose of your post and you will never see it again.

The Red selected will publish your post if you are fully satisfied with your work. Do not interrupt the page as it is loading or all work could be lost if not properly saved.