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To creak a hyperlink, you must already be typing in the body of your page or post. You must then type a word or an address at least so we can select that word or address and link the user to the actual page. In the picture below, the website highlighted and the words “UCA PD” are able to be linked to a URL. Whenever the user clicks on it, it will then send the user to the page. What we have to do is type a word at minimum and once that word or phrase is created, we will then highlight the word or phrase and then the hyperlink option will become bold. The hyperlink option is within the red box. Once the word or phrase is highlighted and the hyperlink button has been clicked on, another screen will appear.



The picture below shows the second screen that comes up after clicking the hyperlink button.

The Red arrow is pointing to the URL box and within this box you will type in the link that you would like the user to be forwarded to once the hyperlink has been clicked on.

The Purple arrow is the title of the link just for labeling purposes. This will not change the word or group of words you selected to be hyperlinked. You do not have to give your link a title. You may leave it blank if you please.

When you complete those two lines, you can check whether or not you want the page to load on the screen the user is currently looking at or if you want it to open in a different window/tab.

When finished filling out the URL, Title (if necessary), and checking if you want the link to open in a new window/tab or on the current, then you may proceed to click on the blue button labeled “Add Link”. Once this blue button is clicked on, your word or group of words will be linked to your desired URL that you want the use to be forwarded to.