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Emergency Alert and Notification Systems

In the event of incidents or emergencies that pose a continuing threat to the safety of the UCA community, the UCA Police Department will make every effort to notify UCA community members in a timely and efficient manner.

Faculty shall ensure that emergency notification messages can be received in the classroom either by students on their cell phones or by the faculty member. The UCAAlert system is an integral part of our campus’s ability to respond to an emergency and minimize risk to life. If a faculty member instructs students to turn off their cell phones, the faculty member must be able to receive emergency notifications from their registered personal cell phone that is turned on and immediately available.

The University of Central Arkansas will utilize any or all of the following communications systems to deliver emergency notifications, information or safety instructions to the general campus population of students, faculty and staff during major campus emergencies. The systems include an outdoor warning siren system, UCAAlert Mass Notification System, Safe@UCA Info Line, E-Mail broadcasts to faculty, staff and students, Web postings on the UCA, UCAPD, and other Web sites, and public broadcast media outlets (on and off campus). Important: Upon receipt of an emergency notification do not call 911 to verify information or make other inquiries. This floods incoming telephone lines and restricts the police department’s ability to receive life safety emergency calls.

    • UCAAlert Mass Notification System
        The UCAAlert System enables the UCA Police Department to communicate emergency messages with students, staff, and faculty in minutes via text messaging, cell phones, and telephones.
    • Outdoor Warning Siren System
        A tone alert followed by a voice message via outdoor high-powered speakers will notify the campus community of a critical situation on campus.
    • Facebook and Social Networking Sites
        Emergency notification messages may be sent to faculty, staff and students through the UCA or the UCA Police Department Facebook Page or other social networking sites (twitter, etc.)
    • Blast E-Mail Systems
        Emergency notification messages, crime alert information, timely warnings and updates may be sent to faculty, staff, and students through the campus e-mail system.
    • UCA and UCA Police Department Web Sites
        Emergency notification messages, crime alert information, timely warnings and updates may be sent to faculty, staff, and students may be posted on the UCA and UCA Police Department Web sites.
    • Safe@UCA Info Line
        The UCA Police Department has established a 24 hour emergency information hotline. Call the Safe@UCA Info Line at (501) 852-INFO (4636) to hear a recorded message about the status of the university and any current alert or safety information.