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If you have an emergency, dial 911. You do NOT need any coins to dial 911 from a pay telephone. Simply lift the handset and dial 911. IMPORTANT: Because cell phone 911 calls are directed to the Faulkner County Sheriff’s Department through cell towers without exact location displayed, be sure to inform the 911 dispatcher of your exact location on the UCA campus.

An individual must use his/her own discretion during an active shooter event or other hostile confrontation as to whether he/she chooses to run to safety or remain in place. However, best practices for surviving such a confrontation are listed below:

Move to a safe location.

  • Call 911 to report the emergency (see what to report below).
  • Be aware that the 911 system by be overwhelmed due to the volume of calls.
  • Prior to emergency: Program non-emergency police department line, (501) 450-3111, into your cell phone.

What to report:

  • Your specific location – building name and office/room number.
  • Number of people at your location.
  • Injuries – number injured and type of injuries.
  • Information on assailant(s) – location, number of suspects, race/gender, clothing, description, physical features, type of weapons (rifle, shotgun or handgun), backpack, shooter’s identity, number of shots fired, etc.

Secure immediate area:

  • Lock and/or barricade doors.
  • Turn off lights.
  • Close blinds.
  • Block windows.
  • Turn off radios and dim computer screens.
  • Keep calm, quiet and out of sight.
  • To protect yourself from gunfire, take cover behind thick desks, along concrete walls, and against filing cabinets.
  • Silence all cell phones in the immediate area.
  • If injured, place signs in exterior windows.

Leaving a secured area that is in danger of being directly engaged:

  • Consider risks before leaving.
  • Remember, the shooter generally will need to be stopped by an outside force.
  • Rescue attempts by occupants should only be tried if they can be accomplished without endangering lives. When in doubt, shelter in place and wait for instructions from emergency personnel.
  • Spread out
  • Pile desks in front of door
  • Throw books