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Welcome to the UCA Police Department’s Community Safety Education Series.  The guides found at the links below represent the hard work and collaboration of many professionals affiliated with the organizations that founded the National Disaster Education Coalition including the American Red Cross, Federal Emergency Management Agency, National Weather Service, National Fire Protection Association and the U.S. Geological Survey.

Each guide provides detailed information intended to help you reduce your risk of injury or loss in the event of natural and human-caused critical incidents. The guides include general information about the threats presented by each type of disaster and appear at the beginning in a question-and-answer format. Following these in each guide are action or awareness messages that describe what people should do to prepare for and get safely through a disaster.  These are found above detailed explanations of how to do it.  Statistics and other supporting information that reinforce the credibility and importance of each guide are also included.

The advice given in each guide is considered to be the best advice for people in situations that are extremely dangerous.  This does not mean that it presents the best advice for all situations.  For example you may follow the advice and leave your mobile home to get in a ditch when a tornado is approaching and the tornado may leave your mobile home unharmed, but injure or kill you.

The UCA Police Department sponsors outreach programs and a Speakers Bureau.  Our professional staff with specific relevant expertise will be happy to speak or present a workshop on a desired topic for any campus groups or organizations.  We can also arrange for a subject matter expert to present on topics that fall outside the expertise of our professional staff.

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