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The Records and Communications Section is the operations support unit of the police department. The Division is responsible for providing police and public safety communications services including telephone, radio and computer communication through the operation and management of the police department’s Communications Center (CommCenter); police records processing, distribution, and file maintenance; and police and public safety data collection, analysis and reporting. The central hub for all activity of this division of the department is the CommCenter.

The UCAPD Communications Center is the primary point of contact between the Department and the university community and is operated 24 hours a day for police and public safety responses. Duties of CommCenter personnel include:

  • Receive incoming calls for assistance
  • Dispatch police officers and other emergency (fire and medical) services
  • Monitor intrusion, fire and energy management alarms and closed-circuit television surveillance systems
  • Prioritize requests for assistance; maintain the status of police officers in the field
  • Operate criminal justice computer systems and provide officers with critical criminal offender and other record information
  • Process and manage police reports and related files, distribute police reports to departments and the public, and maintain computerized dispatch and activity logs.