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The UCA Police Department strives to continually provide updated information that may be of interest to the campus community. Through the use of brochures, crime information, and answers to frequently asked questions, whether in person or online, it is our intent to make available to you information that may be of assistance.

A color-coded campus map found below provides all students, faculty/staff, and university visitors with the most up-to-date campus layout. This includes, but is not limited to, academic buildings; residence halls; parking lots; and more. This is a great asset that can be utilized by all. 

 -> Color Coded Campus Map

As a growing university, parking spaces become competitive. With nearly 12,000 students either commuting to or living on campus, it is imperative to know the locations of the parking areas closest to academic and residential buildings. A comprehensive list of all campus parking spaces can be found below.

 -> Parking Lot Information

UCA provides shuttle services to all student and faculty/staff members. In addition to the real-time tracking ability via the UCA mobile app, a full list of shuttle routes can be found below.

 -> Shuttle Route Map

In 1977 Biology Professor, Dr.  Jewel Moore began using the prairie area of campus as an outdoor classroom and Professors Don Culwell and Robert Wright published a series of scientific articles identifying the area as remnant prairie. Known as the Jewel Moore Nature reserve today, this is home to a convenient ecosystem utilized by both campus biology majors as well as campus visitors. Further information of the nature reserve can be found here, and a layout of the reserve can be found below.

 -> Jewel E. Moore Nature Reserve Trail Maps